First, let me introduce the name of the site – AppNee.

  • App – short for applications (I believe that everyone knows about this)
  • Nee – meaning the same as stuff (Something useful but not easy to be described)
  • So, the subtitle of AppNee comes out:

AppNee is a website that focuses on free indie (non-mainstream) applications, it is committed to finding, collecting and recommending some unknown but useful (even powerful) or fun apps to you. And most of them are absolutely freeware!

These applications cover almost all types, including Multimedia, Graphics/Image, Hardware-Related, Industry/Professional, Program/Develop, System-Related, Games and more …

If you also like to try a variety of interesting and useful softwares, just like me, then you get the right place. I will try my best to write a few articles about them every day!

There is no professional and detailed explanation for apps presented here, just some easy to understand words, hope that you are able to get some useful and different information here and feel that AppNee is a worthwhile visit.

[ Email Comm ]

  • For commercial: lewosin{at}gmail.com
  • For copyright: engnrsu{at}gmail.com
  • For other issue: lewosin{at}126.com

[ Version History ]

  • AppNee v2.5 (Full detailed screenshot | Sep 29, 2014)
    • Use the new designed watermark logo
    • Get used to reference software demo video from YouTube
    • Deliver Google AdSense for web hosting cost
    • New ‘Contact Us’ style
    • Add social share buttons (just hope you guys can help us to recommend AppNee to more people who need it)
    • Add footer Virus Check verification image and Copyrights info
    • Remove PREVIOUS POST and NEXT POST links
    • Add “BACK TO TOP” function
    • Change subtitle to “Focus on high-quality, practical freeware & games”
    • Add email subscribe function to Google’s Feedburner
    • Add rss feed link (using plugin) to free.Appnee.com and en.AppNee.com
    • Change the Site name color to Green
    • Show 7 posts on every page
  • AppNee v2.0 (Full detailed screenshot | Jun 30, 2014)
    • Use full name “AppNee Freeware Group.”
    • Use official theme of WordPress – Twenty Fourteen
    • Removed meaningless pages
    • Add new feature – “Contact Us” plugin
    • Add new style “Back To Top” (plugin)
    • Some other new adjustments of layout and style
    • This is the rebirth of AppNee after the shutdown and banned of Justhost. The reason that upgrading AppNee to 2.0 version is non only because of its looking’s difference, but most also based on its new survival mode (a brand new one – Say goodbye to the copyright disputes thoroughly). The following few days, AppNee’s to-do list is for “Remove all the pirated software“.
  • App Nee v1.7.4 (Full detailed screenshot | Sunday, April 13, 2014)
    • Reused the browser address bar icon file, just like the MS’s
    • Removed the Shareaholic share buttons, and used the better Cunjo instead
    • Changed the download [ Notes ] text content and added the “email us” email link
  • App Nee v1.7.3 (Full detailed screenshot | Aug 20, 2013)
    • Add new plugin “WP Subscriber Form”, provides subscribing function for visitors
    • Subtitle from “Only focus on high quality and practical computer freeware” to “Only focus on high quality and practical computer freeware & freebies

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