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Torchlight all works in one place

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Torchlight is a very classic A-RPG (action role-playing game) PC game developed by Runic Games with OGRE game engine, and released in 2009. Torchlight II was released in 2012. In 2018, this company’s one long-planned MMORPG game was announced as Torchlight Frontiers.

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Tekken all game works in one place

Tekken (AKA: 鉄拳, Iron Fist) is a very classic 3D fighting game series for both arcade and home game consoles, developed and published by Namco from Japan. Its first work was produced in 1994, appeared only on the arcade console at first, and was later ported to home game consoles. As a hardcore fighting game, Tekken is extremely realistic and exciting no matter in action design or graphics rendering, thus occupying one important seat among all fighting games in the world all the time. As we all know, it even spawned comic books and movies.

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[v2.7] Age of Mythology Portable full versions download

In the historical definitions of human existence, the mythical age mainly refers to the age when the ancient Greece-Roman world existed. Its history is full of myths and legends, and most historical documents are tales in fact, such as Homer‘s epic poems. Age of Mythology (AoM for short) was developed based on the magnificent ancient mythology, which mainly comes from the five famous civilizations in human history – Greece, Northern Europe, Egypt, Atlantis and China.

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[v20.0] SolSuite – All the world’s best-known solitaire games in one place

Although a set of playing cards only has 54 poker cards, their game play can be described as protean, and is good for brain development. If you are a fan of card games, or want to experience all kinds of poker games in the world, then do not miss SolSuite (AKA: SolSuite Solitaire) this pretty famous, popular and high-quality poker games all-in-one collection.

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[v16.0] MahJong Suite – All the world’s best-known MahJong games in one place

MahJong is a game, entertainment equipment invented by Chinese during the Qing dynasty. It consists of small rectangular blocks made of bamboo, bone or plastic, each of which is engraved with a pattern or inscription. Each pair of MahJong in North China has 136 cards, while that in South China (called sparrow/麻雀 in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Southern Fujian) has eight more cards, namely: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum, 144 cards in total. In April 2017, the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) announced that MahJong had officially become one of the world intellectual sports program.

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[v1.071] Chasm Portable full versions download

Chasm is a pixel-style 2D action, adventure and role-playing game, developed by Bit Kid in 2013, and finally released in 2018. It combines the popular elements of Castlevania, Diablo, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda these classic video games. For example, it has the RPG game mode of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, map design of Metroid, random item dropping system of Diablo, etc.

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[v3.0.5] Hero Siege for PC Portable full versions download

Hero Siege is a bloody and snappy slashing game, developed by Panic Art Studios from a Finland independent games studio. It has the tower defense, pixel and Hack ‘N’ Slash styles at the same time.

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