8 Ball Quick Fire Pool – World’s #1 2D 8-Ball pool game

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8 Ball Quick Fire Pool is Miniclip‘s first-released 2D billiard ball game work with 8-ball rule. It adopts the 90 degree of overlooking view, comes with excellent graphics production and extremely realistic (in fact, it has been the only best currently) sphere collision simulation.

Among all known 2D billiards sports games, there is no doubt that 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool has been the only and most lifelike 8-ball pool game by far – including any similar game on any platform. The game is so cool and attractive that it can absolutely satisfy most billiards ball game fan players.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides everyone the 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool portable version for fan players without a stable network connection to enjoy/practice offline or just collection. If want to play the multi-player netplay, then choose its online version instead – 8 Ball Pool.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Tips //

  • If you can gain more than 20,000 scores in one play, then the game will unlock its Expert Mode (with higher difficulty – no cue extension line) for you.
  • Note that, every time you hit your cue ball into the bag, it will subtract 30 seconds of time, which is against to players.
  • For Thinkpad, using its TrackPoint you can get a higher precision than using mouse.

// Download URLs //

(6.11 MB | Homepage)