A Modern Method for Guitar, Volume 1, 2, 3 Complete HD PDF download

A Modern Method for Guitar is a very classic series of teaching materials for professional and systematical learning of guitar play and creation, written by Berklee College of Music. You know, there have been a lot of guitar masters start to use this set of textbooks since 40s in the last century, because it covers a extremely wide of content, and has very strong practicability.

When finishing this book, you will learn how to spell over music (the auxiliary words in this book have been reduced to a minimum, almost musical notations everywhere), and be able to gradually expand the agility of your hands. But to study these textbooks, you must have great perseverance (that needs at least a couple of months, which is difficult to stick for the vast majority of guitar lovers). Besides, before studying, you’d better have a basic rather than a superficial understanding of guitar (it is really difficult to understand the guitar actually), it estimates that more than 90% people who played guitar did not know the guitar at all).

Although this tutorial is more suitable for beginners who have a certain knowledge about musical scale, chords and other related music theory, anyhow, your final level and harvest depend on your reading quantity and amount of exercise in the end. In addition, do remember that studying this teaching material (the known best guitar tutorial) is learning the music itself, not just an instrument!

// Volume Summary //

Volume 1 – A beginning-level book presenting a comprehensive range of guitar and music fundamentals, including:

  • scales
  • melodic studies
  • chord and arpeggio studies
  • special exercises for both hands
  • accompaniment techniques
  • a unique approach to voice leading using moveable chord forms

Volume 2 – An intermediate level book that continues and builds upon the study of melody, scales, arpeggios, and chords, covering the entire fingerboard. This volume also addresses:

  • intervals
  • chord voicings
  • improvisation
  • rhythm-guitar techniques
  • play-along duets

Volume 3 – A continuation and expansion of topics presented in volumes 1 and 2. Includes advanced techniques relating to scales, arpeggios, rhythm-guitar, chord/scale relationships, chord construction, chord voicings, and playing tips.

// Prompts //

  • Playing skill is a process of accumulation, that means every time you review the previously learned content, you will find them easier
  • Play all the exercises in the book at the enough slow speed, to ensure the beat stability of playing
  • Don’t skip or despise any part, and don’t feel that you have fully mastered the content of one lesson before learning

// Download URLs //

Volume Download Size
Volume 1 5.41 MB
Volume 2 5.79 MB
Volume 3 8.54 MB


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