Aegisub – Extensively-used advanced subtitles editor

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Aegisub (successor of the original SubStation Alpha and Sabbu) is a free, open-source and cross-platform advanced subtitles creating & modifying tool. Recognized as an industry standard of all subtitle editors, it is widely used by numerous subtitle groups and subtitling fans for the subtitling and translation of concert, OP, PV, TV, animation and some other aspects like video post-production.

One of the outstanding features of Aegisub is, it can use visual audio track display to time, like VisualSubSync. That’s to visually and intuitively adjust subtitles according to the waveform diagram of audio track. As long as there is a peak shape, that represents it’s human voice; while the part filled with general background music or color noise is relatively smooth. They are easy to distinguish. This function makes it pretty easy to skip the parts without dialogue and helpful to perform Karaoke‘s syllables cutting

Compared with the more easy-to-use Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub has the better ability on timeline arrangement. In particular, its special effects producing capacity has reached a very high level. Plus, it fully supports Unicode, more than 30 kinds of language coding, and possesses the subtitles preview window of Subtitle Workshop.

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