Alarm Clock Pro – Best alarm clock app on Windows & Mac

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Alarm Clock Pro is the first-class clock and time management tool for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. There are many similar software which call themselves that they have the same features, but there is none comparable to the practical function and flexibility that Alarm Clock Pro offers.

In Alarm Clock Pro, you can set your alarm clock in all aspects. In addition to enabling you to select your favorite audio files from all kinds of sources (such as music, film, Internet radio, iTunes playlist, audio CD or even use your own recording), it also supports various alarm clock “actions”, like playing music, sending E-mail and SMS, making screenshots, automatic shutdown, etc. To some extent, it can also be seen as a regular task tool. In all, the great degree of freedom provided by Alarm Clock Pro will completely change your opinion to the traditional alarm clock.

With simple understanding, Alarm Clock Pro is specially designed for users who want to get rid of the traditional alarm clock on your desktop in our real life. Forget your noise waking you up from a dream, change to a new mood to get up to greet the arrival of the new day.

// Key Features //

  • Select from any iTunes media source and play a single song or and entire playlist
  • Play a streaming URL/movie/photo/Internet Radio and more
  • Send custom-tailored e-mail/text messages
  • Take Screenshots/Web Cam Photo to archive or e-mail
  • Speak a single line, or random chunk, of text
  • Wake the Mac from sleep on-demand for scheduled alarms
  • Display visual alerts on-screen
  • Fade in and out of audio from movies and music
  • Create an unlimited number of countdown timers
  • Stopwatch to easily time events or projects
  • Shell Access for power user to execute routine command shell operations
  • Open a link to a website in the default web browser
  • View World Clocks of various time zones relative to another
  • Calculate the difference between two time periods

// System Requirements //

For Windows, the normal operation of this software requires the support of QuickTime.

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Platform Full Installer Version Reg Key | Keymaker
Windows v9.6.0
Mac OS X v9.5.7