Blood-over- – Excellent Devil May Cry inspired doujin game

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Blood-over-‘ (BloodOver) is a classic fan-made doujin (Dōjin) action game work, made by 9thNight from Japan in 2006. It has an excellent fighting feeling and overkill scoring system, along with hidden levels and plot, which are enough to attract most of the action game fan players.

// Key Features //

  • 6 levels (1 hidden)
  • Double collaboration system
  • Gamepad support (customizable buttons, but not for keyboard)
  • Super cool and variety of action design
  • Combo system
  • Level up system
  • Devil May Cry style gameplay

In the game, the two controllable characters are lovely but skilled girl followed by her maid. The protagonist has remote double-gun shooting and close quarters combat two attack modes, the maid will provide fire and unique skill aid as occasion requires. In particular, the main character has excellent break the air performance when shooting in the air. As a whole, Blood-over-‘s cool and flexible handle as well as general difficulty, worth a try.

// Edition Statement //

This is the Blood-over- v1.05a Final portable full version.

// Download URLs //

 (145 MB | Homepage)