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C++ is developed based on the C language, as a set of object oriented programming, general programming and traditional procedural programming, can be seen as a superset of the C language.

As one of the classic works in computer industry, C++ Primer Plus, 6th Edition expounds the basic concepts and techniques of C++ through a large number of instances in detail and comprehensively. It’s specifically written for C++ beginners (you can be a newbie who  just starts from the very beginning, or never learned the C language, or even has not got any programming experience at all) with systematic and detailed content. The book’s structure is arranged reasonably, and explains profound theories in simple words step by step.

The whole book is divided into 18 chapters and 10 appendixes. Each chapter has some practical examples and exercises after class, all of which are very simple but not that easy to finish, in order to enable readers to build a sense of accomplishment and hence arouse their learning interests. C++ Primer Plus, Sixth Edition starts from the basic knowledge of C language, and then on this basis explains the detailed new characteristics of C++. Compared to the vast majority of C/C++ books, C++ Primer Plus, 6th Edition has more clear content, especially for the explanation of some concepts, from which we can see the author’s attentiveness. So it’s really worth perusing, even more this one book is enough for C++ beginning!

When finished reading C++ Primer Plus, Sixth Edition in about half a year time, then you can go to another C++ bible – Thinking in C++. Certainly, a better suggested reading order for C++ is: C++ Primer Plus -> C++ Primer -> Thinking in C++ -> The C++ Programming Language (all of them will released on AppNee one by one).

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1: Getting Started with C++
  • 2: Setting Out to C++
  • 3: Dealing with Data
  • 4: Compound Types
  • 5: Loops and Relational Expressions
  • 6: Branching Statements and Logical Operators
  • 7: Functions: C++’s Programming Modules
  • 8: Adventures in Functions
  • 9: Memory Models and Namespaces
  • 10: Objects and Classes
  • 11: Working with Classes
  • 12: Classes and Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • 13: Class Inheritance
  • 14: Reusing Code in C++
  • 15: Friends, Exceptions, and More
  • 16: The string Class and the Standard Template Library
  • 17: Input, Output, and Files
  • 18: The New C++11 Standard
  • A Number Bases
  • B C++ Reserved Words
  • C The ASCII Character Set
  • D Operator Precedence
  • E Other Operators
  • F The stringTemplate Class
  • G The Standard Template Library Methods and Functions
  • H Selected Readings and Internet Resources
  • I Converting to ISO Standard C++
  • J Answers to Chapter Reviews

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