CloseMonitor – 1.5 KB, one-click to turn off the display

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The hot summer arrives, everywhere is releasing lots of heat, in office, if we can turn off the computer display when it’s idle, not only we can reduce greenhouse gases, but also we can save energy and response to environmental protection.

CloseMonitor allows us immediately (screensaver needs 1 minute at least) to switch the display to an energy saving state (equivalent to closed, not the sleep mode). You can double click to execute it, besides, you can also create a shortcut on the desktop, and then set up a hotkey for it, when need it, just use hotkey to call it.

Why should we use software to turn off the display yet not press the power switch? The reason is that there is not such a switch on any notebooks at all, and the method of folding notebook has some trouble. On the other hand, for desktop computer, i believe that few people are often willing to press the display power switch, right?

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