[v8.3.0] EDIUS Pro – Fastest real-time, non-linear editing tool

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EDIUS Pro is the fastest, most common nonlinear real-time editing software, professional and excellent. It’s specially designed for environments such as news broadcast and post production, comes with perfect workflow based on files, provides real-time, multi-track, multi-format mixing, synthesis, chroma keys, subtitles, time line output, etc.

EDIUS Pro supports almost all HD video formats, such as 4K, 3D, HD, SD (from 24 x 24 to 4K x 2K), allows to perform real-time video editing on the same timeline, supports for multiple formats of video material, builds in advanced 2D & 3D real-time video effects engine, as well as the editing core with ultra high efficiency, and so on. All of this brings us a real HD video editing environment.

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AppNee provides the Grass Valley’s EDIUS Pro full installers, trial reseters, as well as detailed installation notes for Windows 64-bit.

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Version Download Size
v8.3.0 539 MB
v8.2.0 529 MB
v8.1.0 505 MB
v7.5.1 520 MB

(EDIUS Pro 7 | EDIUS Pro 8)