IconsExtract – Extract hidden icon resources from EXE/DLL/OCX/CPL files

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IconsExtract is an icon resource extraction applet, it allows to scan all files and folders in your PC, and then extracts the icons and mouse styles stored in EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL or some other files.

Later, you can save the extracted icon as a ICO file (or save the mouse style to a CUR), you are also allowed to copy a single icon image to clipboard. And, all extracted icons have no distortion. Dimension includes 16 x 16, 64 x 64, 256 x 256 and more; Colors includes 16, 32 Bits, 256 and more.

As for how to use these extracted icons, I can think of several usages: custom folder icon, pack file icon and even used for your avatar. BTW, IconsExtract is a separate executable file, it does not need to install or other DLL files.

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