LenMus – Best free app for music theory learning and aural training

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To get a good mastery of vocal music, you must have certain abilities: have good music accomplishment (mainly the acquired cultivation), master the basic music knowledge and skills (sight-singing and ear-training practice, music theory, keyboard instruments…) and has a good voice condition (actually, many successful singers were not born with a good voice; on the contrary, any people who can speak can learn to sing well).

LenMus is a powerful and user-friendly music learning software written in C++, developed by Cecilio Salmerón from Spain. It’s free and open-source, comes with a simple core editor and very high customizability (you can customize some functions according to your needs). To be brief, LenMus can help us study music theory, practice music reading & listening abilities.

So, if you really, really love music, you should learn to make music, that is the final goal for any real music lovers! And LenMus is definitely one of the best music learning software for most music lovers.

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