MySQL: Developer’s Library, Fourth Edition HD PDF

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MySQL: Developer’s Library is a real classic masterpiece about MySQL. It introduces the basic knowledge of MySQL as well as MySQL’s unique features different from other database systems in all directions. Especially, it focuses on how to efficiently use and administer MySQL database, as well how to write MySQL-based programs in C, Perl (using DBI), and PHP (using PDO).

MySQL: Developer’s Library is composed of 4 parts: basic concepts of database; how to write and use MySQL applications; database management; some appendixes for reference. It uses a lot of examples to demonstrate all functions and features of MySQL in detail. In addition, this book also purposely provides related content for readers who use C, PHP, or Perl language to develop database applications.

In short, MySQL: Developer’s Library is a comprehensive guide to MySQL. Any programmers who are interested in database system (including MySQL beginner, DBA and database developer) can benefit from it.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I: General MySQL Use
    • Chapter 1 Getting Started with MySQL
    • Chapter 2 Using SQL to Manage Data
    • Chapter 3 Data Types
    • Chapter 4 Views and Stored Programs
    • Chapter 5 Query Optimization
  • Part II: Using MySQL Programming Interfaces
    • Chapter 6 Introduction to MySQL Programming
    • Chapter 7 Writing MySQL Programs Using C
    • Chapter 8 Writing MySQL Programs Using Perl DBI
    • Chapter 9 Writing MySQL Programs Using PHP
  • Part III: MySQL Administration
    • Chapter 10 Introduction to MySQL Administration
    • Chapter 11 The MySQL Data Directory
    • Chapter 12 General MySQL Administration
    • Chapter 13 Security and Access Control
    • Chapter 14 Database Maintenance, Backups, and Replication
  • Part IV: Appendixes
    • Appendix A Software Required to Use This Book
    • Appendix B Data Type Reference
    • Appendix C Operator and Function Reference
    • Appendix D System, Status, and User Variable Reference
    • Appendix E SQL Syntax Reference
    • Appendix F MySQL Program Reference

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