[v6.5.12.188] OneKey Ghost – Easiest, fastest way to backup/restore Windows

OneKey Ghost is a very practical and necessary freeware utility, based on the powerful but discontinued Symantec Norton Ghost 11.x (equivalent to its Windows desktop GUI). With which you can backup and restore any partition (especially for the OS partition) or the whole hard disk under x86 (x64), WinPE, DOS, with just one-click, and all the other things is automatic.

OneKey Ghost supports hard drive installation from ISO file, CD/DVD or GHO format image file in the USB flash disk; supports multi-drive, hybrid hard drives (IDE / SATA / SCSI), mixed partitions (FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/exFAT), not assigned drive letter partition, drive letter confusion, hidden partition and staggered non-Windows partition; supports multi-system and the situation of Windows was not installed in the first partition of the first hard disk. Moreover, it can even detect any hidden partition of the PC brands, and more!

Just remember, be aware of the existence of OneKey Ghost, you will feel as if you had found out some treasure.

// Key Features //

  1. The default core of Ghost is 11.0.2, Ghost versions can be customized
  2. The program will do the Backup & Restore operations to the partition of the current system by default, but you can select other partitions
  3. The program is portable and non-spyware, and will not leave any temporary files to the system
  4. When backup, you can choose the compression method, customize the size of Sub-volumes, and the default options are “Fast” & “No Split”
  5. When restore, if you check the “Ghost32 (64)”, it will be prompted whether to check the integrity of the GHO mirror
  6. You can search the existing GHO, ISO image files in the hard disk according to the conditions, and it supports drag and drop
  7. When restore, you can ignore the CRC checksum of the Ghost image file
  8. You can use this program to undo the previous operations
  9. Support directly using the Ghost32 to clone the partition under Windows, WinPE
  10. In the address bar drop-down box of the Ghost image file, you can manually enter a custom path to the image file
  11. In the installation options, you can set the default created “GHOST” directory whether deformity & hidden, and you can also set the last partition to hide or show
  12. You can search the image file in the deformity directory and double click it to open the appropriate directory, you can search and restore the GHO file in all drives under DOS
  13. When restore, if you forget the password of the GHO image file, just enter the “OK” to crack
  14. In the expansion tool items of the tray menu , you can rebuild the master boot record MBR
  15. Human design of the program, make it more convenient to use, avoids the wrong operation

// Simple Tutorial //

  1. Run OneKey Ghost 32 bit or 64 bit
  2. Select the partition or Ghost image file (.GHO) which needs to backup or restore
  3. Click the “OK” button and all done

*** The program will automatically restart the computer into DOS to backup or restore, and when completed it will automatically re-enter your system.

// Supported OS //

  • All Windows platforms on both 32-bit & 64-bit (also includes DOS, Windows NT, Windows PE).

// Warning //

First, v6.5.12.188 is the latest official edition/version of OneKey Ghost (there is no newer version at all, such as v14.5.8.215). While the one you can download from a Chinese website ‘OneKey.Cc’ is really a fake one, it was implanted viruses, reported as Threat: Win32:Malware-gen with high severity.

// Download URLs //

Version 32-bit 64-bit
v6.5.11.158 n/a


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