P2pover – Best LAN bandwidth control & limit freeware

First of all, P2pover is currently the only best and most powerful bandwidth controlling and limitation free application for LAN users, which I have been using and will become your favorite one.

P2pover is an outstanding local area network management software, which allows you to master BitTorrent, eMonkey and other network applications that consume a lot of bandwidth easily and with foolproof. Saving the valuable and limited bandwidth for family and enterprise, so as to protect the web surfing, emailing, corporate ERP and other important applications from impacts.

P2pover’s installation and deployment are very simple, you just need to install and run P2pover on any host within the local area network and then you can control the whole LAN. P2pover can manage more than 10 kinds of common download software based on P2P (peer-to-peer, point-to-point) technology, as well as frequently-used IM (instant messenger) chatting tools such as MSN Messenger, QQ.

P2pover not only supports the custom of network control rules and scheduled tasks, but also allows to set up different rules for different hosts. Moreover, P2pover will record the host traffics and allow making queries.

// Key Features //

  • 3-layer bandwidth management
  • P2P download control
  • IM chat applications management
  • Accessible WWW web addresses control
  • Customizable bandwidth rules and time field
  • LAN clients day bandwidth traffic statistics
  • Anti firewall track mode
  • Handle ARP request to find and auto control new hosts
  • Absolutely Free
  • Most powerful – use P2pover on any client to control the whole LAN and every clients

// Warning //

BTW, there are several ads (sidebar, popups) when running this software. Just leave them alone or close by hand.

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