Panopreter Basic – Multilingual TTS reading & converting freeware

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Panopreter Basic is a simple TTS (Text-to-Speech) reading & converting freeware using the latest speech synthesis technique. It can be regarded as a good helper for reading text aloud that gives human voice to your various formats of silent electronic documents.

Panopreter Basic can use natural and fluent voice engines (that needs your computer has installed them one by one) to read the words, phrases, paragraphs or articles you input or import from many common documents files (txt, rtf, doc, htm, html, mht) with text content. More than that, it supports multiple voices in dozens of languages, such as English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and so on. On function, it allows to adjust the voice speed and volume when reading the text aloud.

For another, Panopreter Basic can directly save (i.e. convert to) the text content as audio file in WAV or MP3 format. This makes it possible for us to repeatly listen to them through any media player on computer or MP3 player.

// Key Features //

  • Reads txt files, rtf files, web pages, and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Reads the characters, words, phrases, or articles that you input in the window.
  • Creates audio files in wav and mp3 formats, and supports batch file conversion.
  • Highlights the word or sentence being read.
  • Allows users to adjust voice speed and volume.
  • Plays music when it finishes reading the text.
  • Supports a wide variety of languages and voices.
  • Multiple languages UI support
  • Supports multiple speech/voice engines compatible with Microsoft SAPI 5

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