ProxyPal – Fast switch for IE proxy

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ProxyPal is used to control the switch of Internet Explorer proxy, which can help you turn your IE proxy on and off in a flash, so as to save a lot of duplicated steps, in order to improve the efficiency of usage.

Although I have been always one of the Firefox advocates, yet i also did not forget the huge IE users. This function is easy to implement in Firefox, including the control of multiple agencies replacement, yet ProxyPal only realizes the simple function of proxy switch, and you have to set up the proxy in the “Internet Options” in advance, then the toggle ProxyPal can do the deed. BTW, if you add the button to the IE toolbar, then switching the proxy will become more convenient.

In addition, in the installation process of this software, ProxyPal will prompt you how ProxyPal will display in the IE toolbar. If so, next time when you wanta change the IE proxies, just click the ProxyPal button.

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