Retro City Rampage Portable Full version for PC download

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Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit retro and pixel style action role-playing game developed by Brian Provinciano. It’s mainly inspired from GTA (Grand Theft Auto), has wonderful story line and classic elements from many video games that can be seen everywhere.

From the overall design, in addition to the viewing angle, graphics style and gameplay very similar with GTA on handheld game console, Retro City Rampage is full of the shadow of classic 8-bit video games on FC platform. For example, you can drive vehicles to rush into the enemy base to rescue companions like in Jackal, kill enemies like in Contra, have a high-tech hooked claw in Bionic Commando, or even transform into a guy similar with batman or bomberman. Hence, how can’t such an awesome 8-bit retro game work be attractive for the old players?

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This is the Retro City Rampage v1.19 portable full registered version for Windows.

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