[v9.x.x] Room Arranger – Make computer simulation before arranging, adjusting room layout

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Aren’t you tired of the style, layout of your room? After years of living in the same place, you may need to rearrange your house now. Because this can bring your life a lot of freshness, so as to make it be full of fun.

Room Arranger is a house layout designer from Czech Republic. It can implement 3D simulation of your house and all furniture inside, so as to avoid your troubles like this: Blindly move the cumbersome furniture back and forth just to find the most suitable positions for them. Nevertheless, eventually you will make your room a total mess. With virtual and visual layout design, as well as the built-in ready-made object library (including a lot of furniture for sketching, such as sofa, cabinet, table, etc.), Room Arranger saves us lots of trouble when sketching on paper, and saves our precious time furthest.

Room Arranger is also suitable for people who have no experience to design their new homes. For a new house, we all want to arrange and decorate it nicely, and make it humanized. Similarly, Room Arranger can help you a lot. Especially for the now popular small-sized apartments, how to arrange furniture is really a living skill.

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