Shutter – #1 feature-rich screenshot tool on Linux

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If we know one fact that TechSmith’s Snagit is the #1 screenshot/screencast tool on Windows, than for Linux, the king of screen capture software will be Shutter (formerly GScrot) – of course, it’s freeware and open-source.

With this very popular, great and advanced screenshot application under Linux platform, you can make screenshots for selected area, full screen, window, controls inside window, the full screen capture of a web page, etc. Again, through its built-in powerful plug-in mechanism, you can perform a variety of enhancing/editing operations to the captured image, such as adding comments, text annotation, special effects, watermark, etc. Moreover, Shutter also allows you to direct capture a website through its URL, that means you don’t have to open it in a web browser first.

BTW, in AppNee’s opinion, the idea of Shutter and any similar software that relies on the free image hosting service to achieve its online screenshots storage feature won’t last for a long time, because any free and great Internet resources themselves with a lot of cost can not live long.

// Key Features //

  • Capture
    • Capture a Specific Area
    • Capture your Desktop
    • Capture a Window
    • Capture a Menu or Tooltip
    • Capture a Website
  • Edit
    • Add Text, Arrows, Rectangles, Ellipses…
    • Censor / Pixelize to Hide Private Data
    • Auto-Increment Shape
    • Crop
  • Share
    • Upload your screenshot easily
    • Support Ubuntu One
  • Plugins
    • Allow you to add impressive effects to your screenshots

// Download URLs //