[SNES] Brutal Mario – Most popular Super Mario World Hack Version

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Brutal Mario (鬼畜王マリオ, also known as Super Kitiku World and many other names like King Brute Mario, Devil King Mario etc.) is a home-made Super Mario World hack by Japanese Carol.

Brutal Mario is adapted from the classic Super Mario World, at first glance to see this name, most people would think that it must be as abnormal and metabolous as the “Super Mary Cat“, or the famous “I Wanna Be the Guy” and the Flash version “I Wanna Be“, which is full of all kinds of traps and kuso. But in fact, Brutal Mario just introduces a lot of things of other games, as for the difficulty, it is not very difficult.

Because the Brutal Mario blends in lots of scenes from other games, and with the corresponding design of BOSS war, you can even see a handstand walking Mario, as a consequence, Brutal Mario created another brand new version for Super Mario.

Only a little regret is that this game is unfinished.

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Here you can get the Brutal Mario Final Version with English language pack patched version and the original Japanese version.

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grey Fast Link Page (English Version | 1.07 MB | No Homepage)

grey Fast Link Page (Japanese Version | 1.38 MB)