Start Menu 8 – Bring back the classic Start Menu to Windows 8/8.1

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As is known to all, Windows 8 removes the traditional start menu, which makes a lot of old users unaccustomed. Although the Windows 10 Technical Preview has brought back this feature, before the Windows 10 officially released, for users are still using Windows 8/8.1, we still can use Start Menu 8 to get our long-expected start menu back.

Start Menu 8 is specially designed for Windows 8/8.1, as a freeware that can restore (simulate) the classic start menu of earlier version of Windows. It can be set to boot from startup, in order to skip the system default Metro start screen, thereby directly start into the traditional Windows desktop which is familiar for us.

Of course, Start Menu 8 also provides many other useful customization options, such as allowing to stop those maddening “corner navigation” which has been detecting the movement of mouse in the background all the time; it also can disable the function of starting sidebar.

Without doubt, there are also many similar software designed to help users find the start menu back, such as the well-known Classic Shell, Start8. You can try and compare them by yourself and them choose the most suitable for you.

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