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[v4.1.4] Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder – Easy and handy all-powerful digital audio recorder

[v4.1.4] Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder – Easy and handy all-powerful digital audio recorder

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder (AKA: 录音精灵) is a user-friendly and very practical streaming audio recording tool from Hong Kong, China. It can completely and clearly record any sound from computer speakers and microphone: no matter it's voice, singing from microphone; or online radio, music, video playing through a sound card.

[v4.00] SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder – Capture any audio/music playing through your PC

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder is very popular and practical tiny real-time streaming audio recorder. It enables users to capture sound from all kinds of digital audio sources (including microphone, MIDI, VCR, streaming media audio, all kinds of software, etc.) and save it as MP3/WAV file.

VSO Downloader – Universal streaming video/audio detector & downloader

Most often, if we find some favorite video on a video website, we'd like to download it for collection. But any video site does not provide direct link for download, or you have to register, login, and even install their special download tool/toolbar... very troublesome!

HiDownload – AIO stream media sniffer, downloader and converter

First of all, the fact is HiDownload (HiD for short) will be eclipsed in front of IDM's overwhelming market occupancy. But its unique features are uncomparable with for many similar downloading tools, such as: super powerful sniffer, streaming audio/video conversion, etc.

URL Snooper – Find out hidden path of online audio/video to download

If you think BitAnalyzer is not powerful enough, then try URL Snooper - which was specially designed to locate the real path (usually hidden by JavaScript or ActiveX scripts) of online streaming audio/video files by monitoring and identifying their network traffic, so as to download or record them directly.

CamStudio – 5-Star free desktop screen recorder for Windows

CamStudio is an excellent screen camera utility which given five-star reviews by many large software download sites, and rated as the best *. AVI and *. SWF movie format files recording tool. Has a compact and beautiful UI, supports video compression, built-in AVI to SWF file format converter. From now on, HyperCam is going to exit markets, i think!