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The Database Hacker’s Handbook is another top-quality book after The Shellcoder’s Handbook, in which 4 world’s top security experts will teach you how to intrude and defend 7 kinds of today’s most popular database servers hand by hand. Moreover, you will deeply learn how to use active defense against invasion.

To some extent, we can say that the database is the control center of the whole economy in society, all your personal information is stored in the database, so database attack is merciless. The Database Hacker’s Handbook introduces in detail how to identify vulnerabilities, how attack happens, as well how to stop the brutal attacks on database. Among them, you will learn the following main contents:

  • Identify and insert new vulnerabilities into Oracle and Microsoft SQL server
  • Master the best protection to IBM’s DB2, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE as well as MySQL servers
  • Showing how hackers use these methods to access the database: buffer overflow, privileges escalation through SQL, store procedure or trigger abuse, as well as SQL injection
  • Identify each database-specific leaks
  • Identify what the attackers already know

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