The World’s Hardest Game 1,2,3 Portable versions

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The World’s Hardest Game (short for TWHG) is a series of online flash puzzle games developed by Addicting Games. Be worthy of the name, this game has very simple rules + super high difficulty and playability, and has countless various players in the world.

TWHG not only tests your reaction speed, it also requires the perfect cooperation of your hands, eyes and brain. In each level, you just can’t pass it without the repeated test and thinking, and this is the only possible way to finish all levels. Nevertheless, the players can make a clearance to this game are very few around the world.

Of course, such games are the ones AppNee can not miss. Below you can download The World’s Hardest Game 1,2,3 three portable versions, to facilitate players who like to collect small difficult games, or guys live in the environment without long-term or stable Internet connection most of time to kill their spare time.

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Version Level Download Size
v3.0 More 9.17 MB
v2.0 50 10.7 MB
v1.0 30 12.4 MB