Trayconizer – Minimize any program to system tray

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Trayconizer is a very, very old and very, very tiny (only 4 KB) application for minimizing (virtually) any programs into system tray to save your valuable taskbar space.

Using Trayconizer is simple: drag and drop any program you want to minimize to the system tray, then, when you minimize it, you will see it in the tray icons list.

// Key Features //

  • No in-RAM required
  • Other programs will not be affected by Trayconizer
  • Trayconizer can start with the specific programs, so as to realize the Minimize-to-Tray function
  • Of course, Trayconizer it will shut down automatically when you close a specific program
  • Even when you have opened multiple applications that have been minimized at the same time, there still will be only one Trayconizer running.

BTW, this app is not very suitable for me, just like many apps published by AppNee, but especially for some readers who need it, and this is the very meaning of existing for AppNee.

// Download URLs //

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