Trials 2 Second Edition Portable Full Version download

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Trials 2 Second Edition is a sports game fully demonstrate the motorcycle stunt, player’s goal is to drive your motorbike through up to 65 hurdle races with different difficulties, during this game time, you will experience the real physics effects.

Have to say, the delicate, the beautiful graphics design and the passionate background music in the gameplay have made Trials 2 Second Edition the best 2D Stick Stunt Biker game. If you are a competitive game lovers, or you love high challenge, then I’m sure you will enjoy Trials 2, you will not be disappointed!

// Keyboard Control //

  • Arrow Up/W – Accelerate
  • Arrow Down/S – Brake
  • Arrow Left/A – Lean back
  • Arrow Right/D – Lean forward
  • Backspace – Reset to latest checkpoint
  • R – Restart track
  • 1 – Last camera mode
  • 2 – Next camera mode

// Edition Statement //

This is the Trials 2 Second Edition v1.08 Portable Full Version for PC.

// System Requirements //

// Download URLs //

grey Fast Link Page (102 MB | Homepage)