[v15.0] VEGAS Pro – Unrivaled video/audio editor with ultimate AIO environment

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VEGAS Pro (successively experienced 3 owners: Sonic Foundry, SONY, and Magix Software from Germany) is a set of professional video editing software – integrates clipping, special effects, composition and streaming in one entity and makes them work at one stretch. So that for many professionals, it has transcended the Adobe Premiere Pro, and been challenging the status of Adobe After Effects.

As a professional Non Linear Editing (NLE) software, also an entry-level video editing software, VEGAS Pro is equipped with the professional Dolby Digital encoder and plug-in collection: FXHOME, NewBlueFX and iZotope. In addition, it also has powerful post-processing function, with which users can clip, composite, edit video materials at will.

VEGAS Pro’s unlimited video & audio track is a highlight feature that any other similar video editing software does not support. Moreover, in terms of special effects, it also provides the video composition, advanced coding, transitions, clipping, animation control, etc. Therefore, whether professional or personal user, you can profit from its simple operation interface. Anyhow, VEGAS Pro can be regarded as the efficient solution for digital video, streaming media, multimedia presentation, broadcast program, and so on.

// Key Features //

  • Unparalleled video editing power
    • Expanded edit mode
    • Project interchange
    • 4K support
    • GPU acceleration
    • Multi-format native editing
    • Sync Link
    • Multicamera editing
    • Smart Proxy workflow
    • Comprehensive S-log workflow
  • Video effects and compositing
    • Shape masking tools
    • FX masking
    • Color match
    • OpenFX architecture
    • LAB adjust and L*a*b* color space histogram
    • Compositing modes
    • Robust video plug-in architecture
  • Create 3D projects as easily as 2D
    • Powerful monitoring solutions
    • Stereoscopic 3D adjustments
    • Auto correct footage
    • True stereoscopic 3D camera for 3D track motion compositing
    • Integrated 3D adjustments
    • Add depth to 2D elements
  • Complete multitrack audio environment
    • Surround sound mixing and encoding
    • Extensive audio effects
    • Audio event FX
    • High-resolution audio support
    • Broadcast Wave format support
    • Input buses
    • Multithreaded audio engine
    • Envelope automation recording
  • Import, export, and media management
    • Project media tagging
    • Native XAVC Support
    • Easy capturing
    • Capture to MXF from SD/HD-SDI devices
    • Support for RAW photo files
    • Streaming support for AVC/MP4 encoder
  • DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring
    • Professional DVD layout and design
    • Easy DVD preview
    • 36 HD menu templates
    • Buttons on video
    • Extensive video and audio support
    • DVD scripting
    • Keyframes and transformation
    • Exports chapter markers and subtitles to DVD Architect Pro software

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the VEGAS Pro multilingual portable full registered versions (repacked) with very high compression rate; as well as full installers along with universal unlock patch, unlocked files for Windows 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for VEGAS Pro 15:

  • Download and install ‘VEGAS_Pro_15.0.0.177_INT_Trial.exe’
  • Install the unlock patch (as administrator if required)
  • All done!

for VEGAS Pro 14:

  1. Download and install ‘VEGAS_Pro_14.0.0.211_Retail_x64.exe’
  2. Overwrite the unlocked files or apply the unlock patch instead
  3. Done, enjoy!

for VEGAS Pro 13:

  1. Download and extract
  2. Run the “Portablize.cmd” as administrator
  3. Wait a dozen of minutes (depending on your PC speed – it costs me about 20 mins)
  4. Nothing else, enjoy!

*** Its default extraction path is “C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro XX”, and you can move it anywhere or uninstall it from “Programs and Features”.

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// Download URLs //

Version Type Download Size
v14.0.0.270 Setup + Unlock Patch 428 MB
v14.0.0.211 reserved 416 MB
v14.0.0.201 Unlocked Files only 11.4 MB
v13.0.0.428 Portable Full 74.9 MB
v15.0.0.177 Setup + Unlock Patch 438 MB