[v4.47] Victoria – Professional hard disk bad track scanner & repairer

Bad sector (bad track) is one of the most common failures of mechanical hard disk (HDD), which usually characterizes hard disk reads/writes slow, system prompts “… I/O error”, program gives “cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error”, etc. In these cases, we need use some specially designed tools to correctly detect whether our hard disk has had bad sectors or not, and nip in the bud.

Victoria is a professional IDE/SATA HDD performance test, fault diagnosis and error repair tiny utility from Russia, free but closed source. It’s almost the most powerful HDD maintenance tool under Windows, we can regard it as the desktop-level MHDD (on MS-DOS) for Windows. It’s one tool that can really scan and repair bad sectors, rather than those kinds of shallow scanning/repairing of HD Tune Pro.

Not only does Victoria has a variety of functions including hard disk surface detection, bad sectors repair, S.M.A.R.T. information check & save, cache control, it also supports decryption for many models of hard disks and many other full range of detection and repair.

// Key Features //

  • No CPU load at idle
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-tasking and multi-threading capabilities
  • Supports these interfaces: IDE and Serial ATA
  • Supports Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)
  • View full technical information on drives
  • Manipulate SMART tests and view SMART status
  • Extensive testing and benchmarking with graphical maps
  • Low level sector viewing and manipulation
  • Ignore, erase, remap or restore errors
  • Much more…

// Prompts //

Victoria needs to be run as administrator.

// Download URLs //

Version Type Download Size
for Windows
v4.47 Unofficial 739 KB
v4.46b Official 505 KB
for DOS (Bootable Disk)
v3.52.3 IMA 364 KB
v3.52.3 ISO 365 KB

(Homepage | WikiPedia

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