Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL, 2nd Edition HD PDF, CHM

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There are many reasons for website to support dynamic contents, such as provide online shopping, create a personalized web page, manage a lot of information from the database and so on. As long as you have basic knowledge of HTML and website management, anyone can learn PHPMySQL to create dynamic websites.

Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL, 2nd Edition can reflect the actual application requirements in detail, dedicated to pass on the necessary background knowledge about how to create the dynamic website, and how to use these tools to set up websites with both security and stability.

Although this book is written as guide for novice programmers, it does not miss any important skill the dynamic websites need. In particular, it focuses on excellent design concepts, and provides relevant solutions to various types of questions in developing dynamic websites.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Database Applications and the Web
  • Chapter 2 The PHP Scripting Language
  • Chapter 3 Arrays, Strings, and Advanced Data Manipulation in PHP
  • Chapter 4 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with PHP 5
  • Chapter 5 SQL and MySQL
  • Chapter 6 Querying Web Databases
  • Chapter 7 PEAR
  • Chapter 8 Writing to Web Databases
  • Chapter 9 Validation with PHP and JavaScript
  • Chapter 10 Sessions
  • Chapter 11 Authentication and Security
  • Chapter 12 Errors, Debugging, and Deployment
  • Chapter 13 Reporting
  • Chapter 14 Advanced Features of Object-Oriented Programming in PHP 5
  • Chapter 15 Advanced SQL
  • Chapter 16 Hugh and Dave’s Online Wines:A Case Study
  • Chapter 17 Managing Customers
  • Chapter 18 The Shopping Cart
  • Chapter 19 Ordering and Shipping at the Online Winestore
  • Chapter 20 Searching and Authentication in the Online Winestore

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