Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition for PC Full Installer & Portable

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (????????? ??? ?? ????) is developed by MercurySteam from Spain, supervised by ??? ??? (Hideo Kojima) and released by KONAMI for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 in 2010, and ported for PC in 2013 with subtitle “Ultimate Edition”.

Castlevania’s sequels have been specially designed for the family game consoles and handheld platforms since FC era, yet Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the first 3D HD edition of Castlevania work. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition can be regarded as the complete edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with a dark and vivid new re-imagining of the Castlevania mythology .

In this work, a significant lightspot is it adopted the so called unique “Combat Cross” weapon system, which can change to different combat shapes according to fighting needs: when the distance is further it is a whip, otherwise it will become a sword. In addition to the cheerful fighting and huge BOSS, the game also contains a certain degree of puzzle elements. For new added giant BOSS, players will experience the strong sense of achievement when knocking them down.

On graphics, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow used the latest grand and epic expression technique similar to God of War, using the shock power which is enough to match film to deduce the Castlevania world once more. Meanwhile, the game OST was finished by Spanish composer Oscar Araujo, so you will find that the music style is very different from others in this series – loud, grand and magnificent. All in all, the work became another classic art in the whole Castlevania series.

// Key Features //

  • Full game plus Reverie and Resurrection bonus content
  • High caliber voice acting from the game’s stunning cast
  • Enhanced High Definition Graphics (1080 p), solid 60 FPS
  • Supports Steam Cloud saving technique, contains the achievement system
  • Big Picture support for full Gamepad control
  • Support AMD features such as Eyefinity technology and Crossfire
  • Support for Nvidia SLI technology
  • Brazilian-Portuguese language support now included
  • New added alternate Lords of Shadow timeline and storyline
  • Players will meet with classic roles, and experience extension tasks
  • Overcome obstacles using the brand new weapons and skills
  • Combat Cross multiple-function weapons
  • Swing across chasms, climb sheer walls, rappel down cliffs, grip
  • Solve devious puzzles along your journey
  • Unlock new items to improve your chances of success
  • Don’t miss any stone as you never know what you might find
  • New added Titan Battles: challenge behemoth enemies
  • New added multiple game scenes: gothic ruins, dark castles, old forest and frozen wastelands
  • Fight against countless enemy and huge BOSS
  • Many routes and hidden secret places
  • Contain items to aid Gabriel on his quest everywhere
  • Secondary weapons like daggers and holy water can be combined with light and dark magic for powerful attacks

// Ultimate Edition includes //

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Reverie DLC
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Resurrection DLC

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

Below you can download the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition for PC full installer version (English) and the portable full registered version (Chinese). Complete game without rip, high quality animation without loss.

// Download URLs //

Region Type ROM Format Size
US Setup  (Mir) ZIP 11.9 GB
US DVD Magnet 14.9 GB
US DVD Torrent 14.9 GB
CN Portable  (Mir) Torrent 15.2 GB

*** Do make sure you have more than 25 GB free space, you it will fail to download.

(Official Homepage | Steam Homepage)

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