Android Super Mario – Super Mario Bros.’s simple clone work on Android

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Android Super Mario is a free fan-made Android game developed by Mahesh Kurmi from India. At first, it was just an exercise program throughout his whole learning process to Android game programming. With the deepening of learning, it was eventually developed into a complete and professional game for Android platform.

Actually, Android Super Mario is just a simple clone/remake work of Nintendo’s most classic and famous game – Super Mario Bros. on Android. However, I am sure that any one SMB fan player who grew up playing Nintendo games would not like to miss any changes to give any SMB official or unofficial games a try. Therefore, we can regard this small Android game as one of the ways to recall the pleasures in our childhood.

// Key Features //

  • Powers: Power Up, Bullets
  • Enemies: Goomba, Koopa , Flying koopa, Latiku, Bowser, with some AI
  • Items: Springs and Platforms
  • Worlds: Ground-World, Fire-Word, Water-World
  • Controls: Tilt, KeyBoard, OnScreenControl

// Supported OS //

  • Android 2.0 and high version

// Prompts //

To install this Android game, you maybe need to enable the option for installing apps from unknown sources.

// Download URLs //

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