Battleship Chess – Combine classic Battleship SLG with turn-based Chess moves

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Naval war games are few and far between, the outstanding ones are even scarce. After the release of Sea War: The Battles 2, Battleship Chess is another very old but classic and famous turn-based strategic battleship game that AppNee wants to let some players know.

As a classic, army chess based strategy board game depicting the naval battles, Battleship Chess gives a very tough ordeal for player’s ability of naval war layout. In game players locate in a blue square of ocean background, control a sea fleet to move or attack in this area – according army chess rules.

Battleship Chess is suitable for 1~2 players, adopts the turn-based gameplay. Each round there are many props can be picked up on the map, first obtain these weapons and props can take great advantages.

// Key Features //

  • Command 6 types of warships, including 2 types of battleships!
  • Win warship upgrades such as better armor, more ammo, and bigger guns.
  • Play your battle cards during battle: drop mines, escort merchant ships to safety.
  • Launch torpedo attacks from your submarines and destroyers and take out the big boys
  • Watch battleships and battlecruisers succumb to your relentless torpedo attacks!
  • Use the big guns of your battleships and battlecruisers to pound your enemy into submission.
  • Play against computer opponents of varying skill levels and post your high scores online.
  • Compete against other players, either online or at the same computer.
  • Quick single-battles for those with little time.
  • Long multi-battle games for the true armchair admiral.
  • Endless replay with randomly generated wars and battles.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

This is the Battleship Chess v2.2 Final portable full registered version.

// Supported OS //

Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT/Vista, for higher OS, try to run it under compatible mode.

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