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There must be many guys like me, addicted to all kinds of puzzle games.

Galaxy Scraper – Lone striker in the Milky Way galaxy

Today i will recommend you a very enjoyable but also quite a difficult game – Galaxy Scraper, the game background is in the Milky Way galaxy, and you play a warrior, to challenge monsters in flocks, kick them all into the ‘big mouth’. You must pay attention, don’t fall into the mouth, in that case, little monsters will collectively cheer.

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Cogs Portable Full Version

Cogs is a dye-in-the-wood creative puzzle game designed by “Lazy 8 Studios“. Here, the player needs to combine all kinds of wonderful parts by moving the sliders, and drives the machine to operate. Clever puzzle design, luxuriant and perfect visual graphics, which can make you immersed in a fantasy style industry world.

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Block N Roll (Bloxorz) – Push, push block

Block N Roll (formerly known as Bloxorz) is a very high quality puzzle block game. The goal is to push the metal block into the hole encircled by other blocks, there is a total of 33 levels. Be careful in the process of pushing, you should pay attention to not make the metal block drop from the boundary.

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Reflections – Use laser to light each lamp

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Reflections was inspired by the laser puzzle game “Aargon”. You can use a variety of optical implements, such as Mirror, Double Mirror, Refractor, Splitter and so on. Move over the symbols to get detailed information.

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