[v3.5.99] Fraps – Classic and popular game video real-time recorder

The status of Fraps in players’ mind can’t be shaken by similar tools (AppNee thinks that excepts the Bandicam). As a classic, user-friendly, lightweight (2.5 MB), fast and stable video recorder with high definition and specially designed for DirectX and OpenGL games, Fraps has three main purposes:

  • Benchmarking – perform custom benchmarks to your screen’s FPS (Frames Per Second) performance
  • Screen Capture – take a screenshot of your screen, window with ease and enough freedom
  • Realtime Video Capture – this is its most important feature, which is most often used to record the game video/audio with custom screen resolution and frame rates (i.e. video quality) by most game players

The video recorded by Fraps can only be the lossless AVI format, that means its file size will be very large or even huge (due to its high quality), sometimes a couple of minutes video may reach 1GB or bigger. But most players know that, we can use some video editing software to convert this video format, in order to reduce the resolution, so as to greatly compress the video file size. In this case, the generated video file is not only easy to edit, save, at the same time, it is much easier to publish and spread through Internet. Therefore, to some extent, Fraps is more suitable for professional and occupational players to make high quality game video material and other related purposes.

At last, if you want/need to record both DirectX and non-DirectX gameplay video in flexible quality control for much smaller generated video file size than Fraps, then use another most famous game recorder Bandicam instead (besides, it also allows you to upload the recorded video to YouTube without converting first required).

// Edition Statement //

This is the Fraps v3.5.99.15618 portable full registered version, without the 30-second recording limitation – run it as administrator if required.

// Prompts //

  • First, you should know: Fraps can only record DirectX and OpenGL games video, i.e. you can’t use it to record any non-DirectX ones
  • If you find the Hotkeys for FRAPS do not work at all, go to Settings/General, and check the option “Monitor Aero desktop (DWM)”
  • Before starting to record game video, make sure there is enough space in your hard drive (really huge free space required)
  • For Windows Vista/7 users, you have to run game as administrator, or Fraps can’t recognize it
  • For any screen recording software, the higher resolution of recording screen, the clearer image quality you will get, meanwhile, the generated video size is bigger and bigger, besides, that means you should have the higher configuration for your computer

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Version Download Size
v3.5.99 2.38 MB


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