FreeMind – Map your minds, draw your thoughts and express your ideas

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FreeMind is a set of practical open-source mind mapping/mental (MindMap) software, written in Java. It can be used to help you organize thoughts, represent its every aspect with graphics. Through the graphical, structured thinking, to help you understand the whole process.

Compared with the famous business MindMap software Mindjet MindManager, FreeMind has obvious advantages, not only completely free, and ease of use. FreeMind has “One-Click Expand / Collapse” function and the “Follow Links” operation, thus it is more convenient than MindManager in the operation.

If you often find it difficult to sort out your thoughts, then you can try this mind mapping software.

// Key Features //

  • Support the concept of folders
  • Fully functional following of HTML links stored in the nodes
  • Smart clipboard function, which supports multiple file formats
  • Output map as HTML file with folding
  • Support different OS platforms
  • Built-in icons, colors and different fonts
  • Multiple  languages support
  • Support different image file formats
  • Fast one-click navigation
  • Smart Drag’n Drop

// Main Usage //

  • Project Management (time record, resource links management)
  • Notes or Knowledge base
  • Article writing or brain storm
  • Storage structured small database
  • Commented internet favorites or bookmarks

// System Requirements //

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later. You can find a FreeMind installer including java here or download Sun’s Java from here.

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