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[v1.2, v1.4] Scapple – Join your thoughts, musings and brainwaves up on page

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When we are in the early stages of any kind of projects (e.g.: novel writing, software development, project discussion), we probably tend to put a bunch of ideas on a big piece of paper, then throw out the irrelevant ones, group together the relevant notes, and make connections between them, so as to figure out how everything fits together.

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The Mind Map Book HD Scanned PDF

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The Mind Map Book is a classic bestseller written by Tony Buzan – inventor of Mind Map, founder of World Memory Championships, originator of World Speed Reading Tournament, organizer of Mind Sports Olympiad, world’s super writer, top speaker in the brain and learning aspects, and global public media figure. All other relevant books were written based on it, and many of the authors are just the students of Tony Buzan around the world.

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Mastery by George Leonard HD Scanned PDF

Following the popularity of The Law of 10,000 Hours (The 10,000 Hour Rule), people started to be more and more interested about how to master a skill attaining the state of art. Mastery is an extremely profound booklet about this topic written by George Leonard in 1992.

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Masterminds of Programming HD PDF

If want to thoroughly understand something, you have to learn its history first. How did it start? How to develop? How to become what it is today? In the end, it may be traced to a certain philosophy that adapts to various backgrounds in that era. Like guys learning art have to study the art history, similarly, in order to searchingly study programming, understand a computer language in-depth, we should go to learn how one language grew out of nothing.

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Thinking in Java, 4th Edition HD PDF download

Thinking in Java is known as the bible in Java programming, which is worth reading over and over again, even if you’re not a Java programmer. It is not hard to see this is a classic work from the various rewards it got and earnest reviews from book readers all over the world. Here you can get its 4th Edition (1057 pages).

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FreeMind – Map your minds, draw your thoughts and express your ideas

FreeMind is a set of practical open-source mind mapping/mental (MindMap) software, written in Java. It can be used to help you organize thoughts, represent its every aspect with graphics. Through the graphical, structured thinking, to help you understand the whole process.

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