LA-MULANA Portable Full version for PC download

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If you find you have become interested in that kind of retro cave exploration game with very high difficulty coefficient after playing Spelunky, then La-Mulana (ラ・ムラーナ) will be another good play for you.

La-Mulana is a 16-bit pixel & retro style action archaeological ruins exploration indie game. The game tells a story about an archaeologist’s adventure experience in the historical site “LA-MULANA”. It’s made by Takumi Naramura from Japan. Originally designed for PC platform, and has a great vogue after transplanted onto Wii.

The scenarios and play style of La-Mulana for PC maybe let players first think of the classic video game The Goonies on FC console. Of course, I also believe that many players will also associate it with another two very classic video games – Metroid and Castlevania.

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This is the LA-MULANA v1.5.5.2 portable full registered version for Windows.

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