Moto Trial Fest – Realistic and exciting off-road moto challenges

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As a wheel sport game enthusiast, I’ve been looking for classic works unswervingly. The whole series of Moto Trial Fest gives players a good feeling – full of tension and excitement. The game’s focus is to keep the car body’s balance and the continuity of movements.

Compared with lots of similar small games, Moto Trial Fest has a much higher production level – more lifelike simulation and gameplay design. In game, all obstacles on the road are not fixed, but will respond physically with the crush of motorcycle, which can emulate the real scenes of off-road moto race. You must have noticed that, some other similar games even allow your motorbike to jump, which is really nonsense.

Besides, Moto Trial Fest has been keeping exquisite graphics all the time. For example, the tree elements in background may make some flash game or video designers have an impulse to dig them down for future use.

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Version Download Size
Moto Trial Fest 1 8.38 MB
Moto Trial Fest 2 13.9 MB
Moto Trial Fest 2: Desert Pack 7.01 MB
Moto Trial Fest 2: Mountain Pack 7.38 MB
Moto Trial Fest 3 10.2 MB
Moto Trial Fest 4 14.6 MB
Moto Trial Fest 5 12.6 MB