MySQL Crash Course CHM, HD PDF

As a representative of open source software, MySQL had already become the world’s most popular DBMS (database managing system) long time ago. After Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (AKA: SQL Crash Course), MySQL Crash Course became another classic bestseller. This book is actually written by Ben Forta at the requests from many readers, and specifically for MySQL users.

MySQL Crash Course inherited all advantages of Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes: does not explain much about the basis of database theory, but close to the actual needs instead; directly starts from the foundation of data retrieval, and gradually goes deep into various complex content. When finishing this book, you will be able to master solid and essential skills, then quickly become a master of MySQL. Due to paying attention to practicality, along with high operability, MySQL Crash Course is suitable to study and reference for general software developers and database managers.

Finally, on the whole MySQL database technology, AppNee only recommends 3 classic books to you: MySQL Crash Course, High Performance MySQL and MySQL: Developer’s Library. Oh, nearly forgot the best online reference manual on MySQL website. When finishing these books, plus some rich experience, you can be an eligible DBA (database administrator).

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1: Understanding SQL
  • 2: Introducing MySQL
  • 3: Working With MySQL
  • 4: Retrieving Data
  • 5: Sorting Retrieved Data
  • 6: Filtering Data
  • 7: Advanced Data Filtering
  • 8: Using Wildcard Filtering
  • 9: Searching Using Regular Expressions
  • 10: Creating Calculated Fields
  • 11: Using Data Manipulation Functions
  • 12: Summarizing Data
  • 13: Grouping Data
  • 14: Working with Subqueries
  • 15: Joining Tables
  • 16: Creating Advanced Joins
  • 17: Combining Queries
  • 18: Full Text Searching
  • 19: Inserting Data
  • 20: Updating and Deleting Data
  • 21: Creating and Manipulating Tables
  • 22: Using Views
  • 23: Working with Stored Procedures
  • 24: Using Cursors
  • 25: Using Triggers
  • 26: Managing Transaction Processing
  • 27: Globalization and Localization
  • 28: Managing Security
  • 29: Database Maintenance
  • 30: Improving Performance
  • Appendix A: Getting Started With MySQL
  • Appendix B: The Example Tables
  • Appendix C: MySQL Statement Syntax
  • Appendix D: MySQL Datatypes
  • Appendix E: MySQL Reserved Words

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