[v2.5.7] Silverback – Easy but no-nonsense way to test usability on Mac

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Game or software applications always need to be made usability testing by professionals before going public. Only in this way, can the development of software be completely finished. And this needs a lot of people to cooperate to complete the usability testing, so the testing process always costs a large amount of time; or has to invite others to make tests spending a lot of money.

Clearleft’s Silverback is a complete usability testing platform specially developed for web app designers and developers. It can help website builders directly observe all the operations and responses of testers on a computer. In this process, you are allowed to take screenshots, to use the camera to record the tester’s use feeling, to make relevant records according to their reactions, and the recorded video can be played with fast-forward. In addition, Silverback can be used directly to help developers carry out easy and effective usability testings without having to do any complicated setups or configurations.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Silverback multilingual full installer and unlock patch & license maker for Mac OS X.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Silverback
  2. Start the unlock patch and apply
  3. Open the keyfile in Silverback
  4. Done!

// Download URLs //

v2.5.74.09 MB