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[v10.1.0] WPS Office – Most popular free office suite in the world

WPS Office (formerly called: Word Processing System, AKA: Kingsoft Office, and now represents Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets) is the most popular free and cross-platform office suite in the world at present. It has a longer development history than Microsoft Office (initial release:1988 VS 1990). We can say, it is the only best one in so many free alternatives of MS Office.

Head First Excel color page HD PDF download

Head First Excel will revolutionize the way of using information in your daily work and life, improve your spreadsheet skills from junior to senior. You may be able to freely use Excel to do simple list, but when it comes to the function it is likely to confuse you. So I believe you must also want to do some practical work with the data like a true master of Excel.