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WiFi Password Reader – View all successfully connected WiFi passwords on Android

WiFi Password Reader – View all successfully connected WiFi passwords on Android

Now WiFi network has covered almost every corner in our life. That means, every smartphone user may need to connect to different WiFi networks in different places. As a result, accurately remembering these unlike WiFi passwords has become a problem. In another case, when you need to reconnect to or connect a new device to some wireless network and you just forgot the password, to get the password once more is also a trouble thing. I guess you would not like to ask somebody else or the network administrator for the password every time. In such cases, a tiny and handy mobile app can make things much easier.

WebBrowserPassView – Find lost username & password stored in web browsers

WebBrowserPassView is a tiny freeware made by Nir Sofer, used to view almost any account information (URL, account and password) of any websites stored in all major browsers. Certainly, passwords for e-currency payment such as these with complex encryption can not be viewed here, they are unreadable code at most.

[v4.54] Advanced Archive Password Recovery – Popular universal archived file password recoverer

For archived files (mainly RAR or ZIP format), that is very embarrassed and depressed in two cases. First, the archive file downloaded from the Internet prompts you need password to extract it out; Second, some important archive was protected using your own password, but you just forgot it. If so, turn to the Advanced Archive Password Recovery for help.

RAR Password Unlocker – Recover RAR password protected archives efficiently

What should we do when forgot or do not know the passwords of .rar format archived files? The only practical and efficient solution is to use specially designed software to recover/remove/unlock the passwords - usually this is also called brute force attack.