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[v1.1.3c] dSploit – Most popular penetration testing suite for Android

With the development of mobile devices and network, intelligent mobile phone has become a new paradise for hackers. Imagine, under this environment of everybody holds a smart phone nowadays, nothing is more active than the mobile phone viruses and the vulnerabilities' exploits of software and mobile network. Therefore, to understand and master some practical security tools seems necessary and meaningful.

[v4.4] DroidJack – Powerful and dangerous remote controller for Android

First, AppNee warns everybody, except the technology itself, DroidJack is inadvisable, even despicable. If it were not for fun or study, please stay away from any apps in this type. They are not only immoral but also dangerous, for the people around you and yourself!

URL Snooper – Find out hidden path of online audio/video to download

If you think BitAnalyzer is not powerful enough, then try URL Snooper - which was specially designed to locate the real path (usually hidden by JavaScript or ActiveX scripts) of online streaming audio/video files by monitoring and identifying their network traffic, so as to download or record them directly.