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[v2.10.8.7] Directory Monitor – Real-time actions monitor & notifier for local/network folders

[v2.10.8.7] Directory Monitor – Real-time actions monitor & notifier for local/network folders

Monitoring a folder has two primary purposes: For common users, you can use it to protect the security or privacy of files in some folder; For advanced users (especially portable software makers), that can help you completely control over what a software do to your computer.

ShareX – A up-rising screenshot/screencase free tool

As a free and open source advanced screenshot tool & screen recorder, ShareX's excellence is indisputable. From the reviews on its official website or many software download sites, you can learn that it's so many features that they make us think that's too many to be true - for this, AppNee summarized them as the following 3 parts:

InstallRite – Classic but effective portable app creator

For users often need to install many software repeatedly, the biggest trouble is cost of time and energy for repeated and complicated installation and configuration of so many software. And yet, InstallRite can save us all time spent on this - just make them portable.

PhotoScape – Versatile and handy digital photo editor

PhotoScape is that kind of lightweight and handy free photo editor lets a user fall in love at first sight. It's universal, versatile and very easy to start. We can non only use it to browse, edit photos, it also provides us many interesting and practical functions, such as batch photo editing, converting, picture collage, GIF animation generating, screenshot, etc.