TinyPiano.c – 10KB, turn keyboard into piano

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TinyPiano.c is a simple yet satisfying piano emulator (turns your PC keyboard into an electronic piano), gives 15 tones max, with 120+ different sound effects, and sounds great. Besides, it is so tiny that even smaller than a blank word document.

Freeware and supports all Windows platforms with a MIDI driver.

// Key Features //

  • Ultra-compact (created in C language)
  • Support 15 concurrent sounds (however limited by the PC keyboard)
  • Performance recording and playback function
  • Output MIDI file (F2)
  • Fine tone and play with other instruments
  • Screen metronome
  • Keyboard arrangement can be changed

// Download URLs //

Direct Fast Link Page (10.3 KB)

Official1 Fast Link Page (v0.81j Final | Homepage)