[v3.7.1] XMind – World leading mind mapping & brain storming tool

XMind is currently the most popular, user-friendly mind mapping & brain storming software from Hong Kong in China. It was written in Java (cross-platform), based on the most advanced Eclipse RCP architecture (thematic structure as plug-in, supports flexible add-ons extension).

Xmind‘s abundant styles and themes, supports importing data files from other popular similar tools like commercial MindManager and free FreeMind. Not only can it draw a mind map, but also be good at fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagram), two-dimensional figure, tree diagram, logic diagram (venn diagram), organization chart, and supports convenient conversions among these diagrams. In addition to the diagram drawing functions, it also allows to share your diagrams to others, or export them to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, so as to make the complicated ideas and information get much faster exchange.

XMind does have a wide range of applications in the enterprise and education fields, aims at helping users increase productivity on real significance. For enterprise, it can be used for meeting management, project management, information management, plan & time management, decision analysis, etc.; For education, it is often used to prepare lessons by teachers, or for course planning, brainstorming, and so on.

// Key Features //

Feature Intro
Mind Mapping Productivity is what matters most
Fishbone Chart Extremely helpful in timeline management and quality defect prevention
Matrix Add rows to your mind map. (originally called spreadsheet)
Timeline The best way to do project schedule
Brainstorming Mode All your thoughts flow into your mind map
Presentation Mode Demonstrate your mind map in an elegant way
Gantt View You can use both advantages of mind map and gantt chart
Mind Toolbox Best for Office collaboration
Save to Evernote Access our mind maps from all devices
Themes & fonts Make your mind maps look great anywhere, anytime
Works with Office/PDF Communication is simple and easy
Compatibility Can read FreeMind and MindManager files
More Features
  • Local Network Sharing
  • Drill Down
  • Multi-page Print
  • Map Merge
  • Map Shot
  • Advanced Filter
  • Powerful Search
  • Audio Notes
  • Encrypt with Password
  • SVG
  • Online Mind Map Library
  • Templates
  • Clip Art
  • Index View
  • XMind Resource Boundle

// Official Demo Video //

// Universal License Keys //

for XMind Pro 2013 ~ XMind Pro 8:

  • Email Address: [email protected]

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the XMind Pro Edition full installers, unlocked files (net.xmind.verify_x.x.x.xxxxxxxxxxxx.jar), XMind 7/8/8 Update 1 universal license key and unlock patch for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for XMind 8:

  1. Download and install (setup version) or extract (portable version) XMind 8 Update 1, do not run it now
  2. Copy ‘Universal Patch.exe’ to program directory and run it as administrator
  3. Launch XMind 8, enter “Help/License…/Enter License
  4. Use the license key above to register
  5. Restart it to make the activation take effect
  6. All done, enjoy!

for XMind 7:

  1. Uninstall any old versions first (so as not to cause registration failure), then install the new version
  2. Copy the unlocked life ‘net.xmind.verify_3.6.1.201512221925.jar‘ to ‘X:\Program Files\XMind\plugins‘ and overwrite
  3. Run XMind, enter ‘Help/License…/Enter License Key
  4. Use the license key above to finish activation
  5. Done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Pro Edition v3.6.1 136 MB
v3.7.1 Portable | Setup n/a
XMind 7/8/8 Update 1 Pro/Plus Universal Unlock Patch
Universal 7/8/8 Update 1 253 KB


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