1by1 – Ultra-small, low-power directory audio player

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1by1 – Ultra-small, low-power directory audio player

1by1 is an excellent audio player tool by (its another quality audio tool is mp3DirectCut), know as its ultra small size and single-minded function. Compare with Winamp and many other mainstream audio players, 1by1 uses much less memory (run, play and minimize), and the gap is very obvious!

1by1 is a super small (only about 150 KB), multi-function audio player (plugin supported audio formats as WAV, OGG, MIDI, WMA, APE, Flac, TTA, CD Audio and many others). You can take 1by1 as a directory player, which does not need to create playlists, just need to specify a folder and select "Repeat all", then it will play all MP3 songs under this directory (including sub-directories), very simple.

Most of the music on the Internet are mainly given as MP3 format, if you are a music fan, have an aversion to the more and more bloated players, then i suggest you to try out of this super small 1by1 music player. It has a very low requirement to your system resources, which will not absolutely affect other operations. In short, use 1by1 to listen music, liberate your system process!

1by1 – Ultra-small, low-power directory audio player

1by1 – Ultra-small, low-power directory audio player

// Key Features //

  • Directory Player: directly plays your folder contents
  • Full Resume play: remembers last track and position
  • Gapless play
  • Transition overlapping
  • Audio enhancer 1by1 for Android
  • Folder tree file navigation
  • Directory finder (play a whole drive)
  • MP3 decoding by ACM or mpglib
  • BASS library support (OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP4, CD...)
  • File utils: copy, move, rename while play, delete, date change
  • Big title display
  • Rename tool
  • Folder compare tool
  • Cue sheet support
  • Playlist support
  • Favorites
  • Winamp 2.x input plugin support
  • WAV export
  • Track logging
  • HTTP web and streaming server
  • Highly configurable
  • Theme presets
  • Global hotkeys
  • Very small size
  • Low resource usage
  • Portable

// Download URLs //

FreewareLatest1by1 – Ultra-small, low-power directory audio player (mir)n/a


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