[v2.1.1] Alcohol 120% – Optical disc burning tool that can compete with Daemon Tools

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Alcohol 120% is a fully functional and powerful CD/DVD-ROM virtualization and disc recording/burning solution, developed independently by the original author of Fantom CD who later started his own business. Compared with Fantom CD, its function is more complete and powerful, the interface is more friendly, the program is more refined, and the operation is more convenient. At the same time, it was also the most attractive disc copying software after CloneCD.

Alcohol 120% consists of two major functions: disc burning and virtual drive. In terms of disc burning, it breaks through the common copy protection technologies (such as SafeDisc, SecuROM, StarForce), makes it easy to copy the encrypted disc. And, it supports using multiple burners simultaneously to perform reading and burning actions, allows to set passwords for valuable images, has a built-in search mode for images, supports direct copying from disc to disc, etc.

In terms of virtual drive, it can completely and accurately simulate the original disc, makes/burns CD/DVD image files, creates up to 31 virtual drives, and simulates the disc reading speed up to 200 times. Besides, it also has various practical settings, e.g.: skip reading errors, improved sector scanning, bad sector emulation, and so forth.

The disc simulation function of Alcohol 120% can directly recognize, read and run multiple types (AudioCD, VideoCD, PhotoCD, Mixed Mode CD, CD Extra, Data CD, CD+G, DVD, Data, DVD-Video) of optical disc image files in various formats (MDS, CCD, BIN/CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA, including a variety of image file formats that are proprietary to some burning programs), can burn them directly to a blank CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW disc, and supports a variety of disc burning methods: Session-At-Once, Disc-At-Once, RAW Session- At-Once, RAW Session- At-Once + SUB, RAW Disc- At-Once (with full PQ/R-W sub-code support).

// Key Features //

  • Up to 31 virtual drives with a single click of a button.
  • Supports the latest Blu-Ray format and HD DVD (Single and Dual Layer)
  • Alcohol 120% can mount virtually any image files created, even from other software.
  • Only Alcohol Soft offer free support 365 days a year with free lifetime software updates.
  • Alcohol 120% includes an iSCSI server that will allow you to share any drive over a network with other computers, share a CD or DVD Writer with another machine, it will even let you burn a disc just like it was on your local drive.
  • Load a CD or DVD on your file server and automatically access it from any machine on the network, which stops discs from getting scratched, damaged, broken, lost or even stolen.
  • Alcohol 120% can make backup copies of your copy protected games, then you can run them up to 200 times faster than having them load from your cd drive.
  • Going on holiday and have no room for all those discs? Take all your CD’s and DVD’S with you stored on your hard drive and mount them directly to your virtual drive.
  • Your laptop battery will last much longer, as you do not need your CD or DVD drive spinning as your hard drive consumes less power than an optical drive.

// Supported Image Formats //

  • Alcohol 120% supports a wide range of CD/DVD image files including: .mds, .iso, .bwt, .b5t, .b6t, .ccd, .isz, .cue, .cdi, .pdi and .nrg formats.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Alcohol 120% multilingual full installers and unlocked files, as well as portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v2.1.1:

  1. Download and install Alcohol 120%, do not run it
  2. Copy the unlocked file to installation folder
  3. Delete the “star_syn_client.dll” file
  4. Done

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Version Download Size
v2.1.1 8.14 MB


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