[v3.6] AntQueen 3D – Live through the cycle of an ant colony

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AntQueen 3D is a creative simulation type of game that takes ants as its theme, providing you with the experience of playing in the entire ant colony cycle. Every late spring, hundreds of queens leave the hatchery to try to establish their own colonies. The first summer will give your new queen plenty of time to settle down and breed some ants. Over the years, your ant empire will grow and the colony will gradually gain control of a piece of territory

In game, you can breed several different types of ants, each is dedicated to a single task. Little nurses are the best at taking care of the colony; Worker ants gather food quickly, but they can’t protect themselves very well; Diggers are strong enough to carry heavy loads; Replete ants are able to store food in the abdomen during periods of drought; Army ants are the colony’s mandible, perfect for exploring and hunting other insects; Super soldiers are the colony’s exoskeleton and will defend the whole colony. In addition, you can customize each ant to make it faster, stronger, healthier, or more resistant.

AntQueen 3D is a realistic simulation of the entire ant colony society, offering both sandbox and storyline modes. You control the ants to breed, hunt, explore, carry, so as to establish your own colony, excavate underground a kingdom as needed, and gradually grow your ant colony, overcoming every challenge the colony will face and surviving every wave of outside attack.

AntQueen 3D has a very long quest line that requires you to control the entire ant empire by controlling the queen ant. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the real life of ants in order to use sound strategies to manage and expand the ant colony. All in all, this is not only a very fun game, but also teaches you a lot about ants and how they work together.

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